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  • Field: 1. Physical Oceanography 2. Marine Environment 3. Marine Pollution
  • Academic Background:


    • 1963-1967 B.S. Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University,Taiwan
    • 1969-1971 M.S. Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University,Taiwan
    • 1972-1976 Ph.D. Dept. of Geosciences, North Carolina State University, North Carolina, U.S.A.
    • Experience

    • 1977 -1981 Associate Professor, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
    • 1981 - 2009 Professor, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
    • 2002 - 2005 Director, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
    • 2005 - 2009 Member of EIA committee, Environmental Protection Administration
  • Research Achievements/Publications:

      A. Journal Papers:
    • 林國龍,張毓堯,范光龍 (2008) 2002-2003年聖嬰現象對台灣雨量的影響。中華民國環境保護學會學刊,31(1),66-75。
    • 范光龍 (2005) 海洋的永續發展—開發與保育如何取得平衡,國立台灣科學教育館科學研習月刊, 44(5),23-30。
    • 范光龍 (2003) 聖嬰現象與乾旱。農業世界, 237,54-57。
    • Huang, N. E., M. -L. C. Wu, S. R. Long, S. S. P. Shen, W. Qu, P. Gloersen, and K. L. Fan (2003) A confidence limit for the empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert spectral analysis. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 459, 2317-2345.
    • Huang, N. E., C. C. Chern, K. Huang, L. W. Salvino, S. R. Long, and K. L. Fan (2001) A New Spectral Representation of Earthquake Data: Hilbert Spectral Analysis of Station TCU129, Chi-Chi, Taiwan, 21 September 1999. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 91(5), 1310-1338.
    • Fan, K. L. (2001) Some Coastal Environmental Problems in Taiwan. Acta Oceanographica Taiwanica, 39, 1-10.
    • Huang, N. E., H. H. Shih, Z. Shen, S. R. Long, and K. L. Fan (2000) The Ages of Large-Amplitude Coastal Seiches on the Caribbean Coast of Puerto Rico. Journal Of Physical Oceanography, 30(8), 2001-2012.
    • Lee, H. J. S. Y. Chao, and K. L. Fan (1999) Flood-ebb disparity of tidally Induced recirculation eddies in semi-enclosed basin: Nan Wan Bay. Continental Shelf Research, 19(7), 871- 890.
    • Lee, H. J., S. Y. Chao, K. L. Fan, and T. Y. Kuo (1999) Tide-Induced Eddies and Upwelling in a Semi-enclosed Basin: Nan Wan. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 49(6), 775-787.
    • Hung, T. C., R. Huang, T. H. Tan, K. T. Shao, C. T. Huang, J. C. Chen, T. C. Chu, and K. L. Fan (1998) An ecological survey on the waters adjacent to the northern Taiwan nuclear power plant sites including Yenliao coastal area: The progress report from July 1997 to June 1998. SCOPE/ROC. Academia Sinica, 103, 524.

    • B. Conference Papers:
    • 范光龍、林國龍、梁恩昱 (2005) 利用HHT方法探討自然現象,2005年海洋科學成果發表會論文摘要集。第2頁。
    • Fan, K. L. (2005) The seas and coastal environment around Taiwan. 2005 Taiwan-Russia Bilateral Symposium on Water and Environmental Technology, October 3 ~ 4, Taipei, TAIWAN, R. O. C., pp.161-174.
    • Fan, K. L. (2003) The Seas and Coastal environment around Taiwan. Taiwan-Russia Bilateral Symposium on Water and Environmental Technology Octorber 3-4, Taipei,Taiwan.
    • Fan, K. L. (2003) El Niño in 2002-2003 vs rainfall in Taiwan. The Sixth Regional Symposium PACON 2003, November 30-December, 2003 , Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
    • Fan, K. L. (2001) The marine environment along the western coast of Taiwan. 10th Pacific Science Inter-Congress: The Integration of Natural and Social Sciences in the New Pacific Millennium, June1-6, 2001, Guam University, Guam.
    • Huang, N. E., K. Huang, G. K. Wang, T. Y. Wu, E. Safak and K. L. Fan (2000) A bridge health monitoring method based on vibration characteristics under a transient load. Proceedings on bridge Engineering: Bridge Inspection, Monitoring and management, Taipei, Taiwan, August, 2000.

    • C. Books and Book Chapters
    • 范光龍 (2008) 海洋環境概論—談台灣沿海環境(第三版)。台灣西書出版社,164頁。
    • 毛松霖、李通藝、范光龍、陳泰然、許瑞榮 (2001) 高中地球科學(上)教科書。大同資訊企業股份有限公司,169頁。
    • Jeng, W. L., Dai, C. F. and Fan, K. L. (2000) Chapter 85 Taiwan Strait. In: Seas at the Millennium: an Environmental Evaluation (ed. C. R. C.Sheppard), Elsevier Science Ltd. 135-148.
    • 范光龍 (2000) 台灣西部沿海環境的問題。2000年民間環保政策白皮書—立法院厚生白皮書(環境保護篇),291-307頁。
    • 范光龍 (1998) 台灣沿海環境現況。新世紀的環境保護政策。立法院厚生白皮書—環境保護篇。39-52頁。
    • George L. Pickard, William J. Emery著; 范光龍譯 (1987) Descriptive physical oceanography an introduction, 物理海洋學導論。4th enlarged ed,臺北市 : 南山堂出版。

  • Teaching:
      1. Introduction to Marine Environment
      2. Marine Environment