• Fei-Jan Lin

    Associate Professor

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  • E-mail 1: fjlin@ntu.edu.tw
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  • Field: Marine Geochemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Marine Chemistry
  • Academic Background:
    • 1970~1974 B.S. in Oceanography, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.
    • 1974~1976 M.S. in Oceanography, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.
    • 1984~1988 Ph.D. in Marine Geochemistry, The University of Liverpool, UK.
    • Professional Experiences

    • 1978~1988 Research Assistant, Institute of Oceanography, NTU.
    • 1999~2002 Head of Division of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Institute of Oceanography, NTU.
    • 1988~present Associate Professor, Institute of Oceanography, NTU
  • Research Achievements/Publications:
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  • Teaching:
      1.Marine geochemistry
      2.Introduction to marine sciences

  • Supervised Dissertations:
      PhD: Yi-Tang huang
      Ms: Chun-Ling Ye