Gwo-Shyh Song
  • Gwo-Shyh Song

    Associate Professor

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  • Tel 2: +886-2-23660883
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  • Research Room: Room 022, Institute of Oceanography
  • Field: Marine geology and geophysical exploration
  • Academic Background:
    • 1974 ~ 1978 B.A , Department of Oceanography, National Taiwan Ocean University
    • 1978 ~ 1980 M.A , Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University, Taipei
    • 1985 ~ 1989 P.H.D., School of Oceanography , the University of Washington, Seattle
    • 1980 ~ 1983 R.A, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
    • 1983 ~ 1990 Lecturer, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
    • 1997 ~ 2001 Member of Research and Development Committee, CHINESE OCEAN & UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION
    • 2001 ~ 2002 Consultant, NATIONAL CENTER FOR OCEAN RESEARCH
    • 2001 ~ 2003 Chairman of Research and Development Committee, CHINESE OCEAN & UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION
    • 2002 ~ 2005 Director, Division of marine Geology & Geophysics, Institute of Oceanography National Taiwan University
    • 2005 ~ present Associate professor, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
  • Research Achievements/Publications:
    • Chen, H. F., Wei, K. Y., Huang, J. J. S., Lin, C. C., Su, C. C., Song, G. S., Li, H. C., Lee, T. Q., Song, S. R., Pan, H. J. (2021) High-resolution records of anthropogenic activity and geohazards from the reservoir of Sun Moon Lake, Central Taiwan. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 9(1), DOI:10.1525/elementa.2020.00150
    • Song, G.S., Lo, S.C. and Fish, John Perry (2014) Under water slope measurement using a tilted multibeam sonar head, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 39(3), 419-429.
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    • Jan, Rong-Quen, yu-Hsing Liu, Ching-Yi Chen, Min-Chang Wand, Gwo-Shyh Song, Hong-Cheng Lin, Kwang-Tsao Shao(2003)Effects of pile size of artificial reefs on the standing stocks of fished, Fisheries Research, Vol. 63, 327-337.
    • (SCI) 宋國士、楊德建,陳冠宇 (2002) 霧社水庫、明潭電廠上下池受921地震事件影響庫底淤積量測調查,台電工程月刊,第647期,1-31頁。
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  • Teaching:
      1. Introductin to Geological Oceanography
      2. Special Topics in Sea Floor Mapping
      3. Introductory Sea-Floor Investigation
      4. Introduction to Marine Geology
      5. Introduction to Application of Side-Scan Sonar
      6. Introduction to Applications of Geodynamics
      7. Kinematical Survey using GPS
      8. Practice and Theory in Bathymetry
      9. Introduction in Sonar Practice

  • Supervised Dissertations: