Feng-Hsin Hsu

  Name:Feng-Hsin Hsu
  Supervisor:Chih-Chieh Su
  Research Room:R202
  Major Interests:Marine Geochemistry, Radioisotope Geochemistry, Submarine Groundwater Discharge, Submarine Hydrothermal System.


Publication list

  1. Hsu, F.-H., C.-C. Su, S.-F. Wu, Y.-S. Lin, H.-F. Lee, M.-F. Chu, and S.-C. Chen, 2023. Geochemical Evidences of Hydrothermal Fluid through Sediments in the South Okinawa Trough. Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic research papers, under review.
  2. Kreuzburg, M., J. Scholten, F.-H. Hsu, V. Liebetrau, J. Sültenfuß, J. Rapaglia, M. Schlüter, 2023. Submarine groundwater discharge-derived nutrient fluxes in the Eckernförde Bay (western Baltic Sea). Estuaries and Coasts 46, 1190-1207.
  3. Chen, T.-T., H.-H. Hsu, C.-C. Su, C.-S. Liu, Y. Wang, S.-C. Chen, E. T.-Y. Chang, F.-H. Hsu, L.-F. Lin, J.-H. Chang, J.-N. Wu, T.-W. Hsu, S.-F. Wu, 2023. Hydrothermal Characteristics of the Mienhua Submarine Volcano in the southernmost Okinawa Trough. Marine Geophysical Research 44, 10, doi: 10.1007/s11001-023-09517-0.
  4. Hsu, F.-H., C.-C. Su, P.-L. Wang, and I.-T. Lin, 2020. Temporal variations of submarine groundwater discharge into a tide-dominated estuarine wetland (Gaomei Wetland, western Taiwan): Indicated by radon and radium isotopes. Water 12(6):1806.
  5. Hsu, F.-H., C.-C. Su, C. H. Wang, S. Lin, J. Liu, and C.-A. Huh, 2014. Accumulation of terrestrial organic carbon on an active continental margin offshore southwestern Taiwan: Source-to-sink pathways of river-borne organic particles. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 91, 163-173.
  6. C.-A. Huh, W. Chen, F.-H. Hsu, C.-C. Su, J.-K. Chiu, S. Lin, C.-S. Liu, and B.-J. Huang, 2011. Modern (<100 years) sedimentation in the Taiwan Strait: rates and source-to-sink pathways elucidated from radionuclides and particle size distribution. Continental Shelf Research 31, 47-63.