Yuting Vicky Lin

  Name:Yuting Vicky Lin
  Supervisor:Vianney Denis
  Research Room:R400
  E-mail:vicky.linyuting@gmail.com; vickylinyuting@ntu.edu.tw
  Major Interests:Coral Reef Ecology, Benthic Ecology, Coral Reef Fish Ecology, Impact of environmental factors and pollution on marine ecosystems.


Publication list

SCI journals SCI: Science Citation Index, IF: Impact Factor 2022

  1. Cannon SE, Donner SD, Liu A, …, Lin YV, …, Wilson SK. Macroalgae exhibit diverse responses to human disturbances on coral reefs. Global Change Biology. 29: 3318-3310. (SCI; IF: 11.6; 5-yrs IF: 12.3; 3/190 in Ecology; citation: 0)
  2. Lin YV, Hsiao WV, W-J Chen, Denis V (2022) Habitat change and its consequences on reef fish specialization in biogeographic transitional zones. Journal of Biogeography. 49: 1549-1561. (SCI; IF: 3.9; 5-yrs IF: 4.1; 39/190 in Ecology; citation: 2)
  3. De Palmas S, Denis V, Soto, D, Lin YV, Ho M-J, Chen CA (2021) Scleractinian diversity in the upper mesophotic zone of Ludao (Taiwan): a museum collection with new records from Taiwanese waters. Marine Biodiversity. 51:1-13. (SCI; IF: 1.6; 5-yrs IF: 1.6; 35/64 in Biodiversity Conservation; citation: 4)
  4. Hsiao WV, Lin YV, Lin H-T, Denis V (2021) Learning from differences: Abiotic determinism of benthic communities in Northern Taiwan. Marine Environmental Research. 170:105361. (SCI; IF: 3.3; 5-yrs IF: 2.1; 23/114 in Marine & Freshwater Biology; citation: 2)
  5. Denis V, Fan T-Y, Hsaio WV, Hwang S-J, Lin YV, Nozawa Y (2020) Ideal paper: Tracking the distribution of accretive reef communities across the Kuroshio current. Ecological Research. 35:595-598. (SCI; IF: 2; 5-yrs IF: 2.1; 115/190 in Ecology; citation: 4)
  6. Lin YV, Denis V (2019) Acknowledging the differences: number, characteristics, and distribution of marine coastal benthic communities in Taiwan. Ecosphere. 10:e02803. (SCI; IF: 2.7; 5-yrs IF: 3.4; 73/190 in Ecology; citation: 12)
  7. Denis V, Lin YTV, Ho MJ (2019) A new association between goblet worms (Entoprocta) and xeniid corals (Cnidaria). Marine Biodiversity. 49:487-493. (SCI; IF: 1.6; 5-yrs IF: 1.6; 35/64 in Biodiversity Conservation; citation: 3)
  8. Denis V, Chen J-W, Chen Q, Hsieh YE, Lin YV, Wang C-W, Wang H-Y, Sturaro N (2019) Biogeography of functional trait diversity in the Taiwanese reef fish fauna. Ecology and Evolution. 9:522–532. (SCI; IF: 2.6; 5-yrs IF: 3; 88/190 in Ecology; citation: 7)

Book chapters

  1. Denis V, Soto D, De Palmas S, Lin YTV, Benayahu Y, Huang YM, Liu SL, Chen JW, Chen Q, Sturaro N, Ho M-J, Su Y, Dai CF, Chen CA (2019) Taiwan. pp249-264. In: Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge T, editors. Mesophotic coral ecosystems of the world. Springer International Publishing AG.

Articles in scientific magazines

  1. Lin YV (2020) Impact of climate change on reef fish (In Chinese). PanSci泛科學. https://pansci.asia/archives/344996.
  2. Lin YV. (2020) An underwater garden in the twilight zone – mesophotic coral ecosystem (In Chinese). Science Monthly科學月刊. 51:70-73.

Online blogs

  1. Lin YV (2022) ECR Feature: Yuting Vicky Lin on reef fish and climate change. Journal of Biogeography. https://journalofbiogeographynews.org/2022/10/14/ecr-feature-yuting-vicky-lin-on-reef-fish-and-climate-change/