Ta-Wei Hsu

  Name:Ta-Wei Hsu
  Supervisor:Chih-Chieh Su
  Research Room:R202
  Major Interests:Mineralogy, Volcanogenic sulfide deposit, Electron microanalysis


Publication list

  1. Jiang, W.-T., Hsu, T.-W., Huang, K.-C., Huang, A.-L., Lee, H.-F. (2016) Authigenic minerals in gas-hydrate potantial areas offshore SW Taiwan: An overview. Special Publication of the Central Geological Survey, MOEA, 30, 123-158.
  2. Hsu, T.-W., & Jiang, W.-T. (2015) Contrasting pyrite textures in sediments from a cold-seep site at Yung-An Ridge, offshore southwestern Taiwan. The Taiwan Mining Industry, 67 (2), 8-25.
  3. Hsu, T.-W.,, Jiang, W.-T., Huang, K.-C., Chen, C.-W., Lee, Po.-Shu (2015) Authigenic greigite in methane-seep sediments from Yung-An Ridge offshore sSouthwestern Taiwan. The Taiwan Mining Industry, 67 (1), 11-28.
  4. Hsu, T.-W.,, Jiang, W.-T., Wang, Y. (2014) Authigenesis of vivianite as influenced by methane-induced sulfidization in cold-seep sediments off southwestern Taiwan. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. 89, 88-97.
  5. Hsu, T.-W., & Shau, Y.-H. (2002) A petrographic and mineralogical study of volcanic rocks from the Mayaxueshan area, North Qilian Fold Belt, NW China. Acta Geologica Sinica, 76, 15-30.