Faculty candidate Speech announcement  3/8 (Fri)  15:30 Advancements in Underwater Acoustic Applications for Marine Geology.  Dr. Tzu-Ting Chen (apply for Assistant Professor, receiving Ph.D. in 2020)


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Speaker:Dr. Tzu-Ting Chen (apply for Assistant Professor, receiving Ph.D. in 2020)

Title:Advancements in Underwater Acoustic Applications for Marine Geology.

Time:3/8 (Fri) 15:30~17:00

Location:2nd floor large lecture hall of IONTU


        Through the analysis of seafloor characteristics and sound propagation, this talk aims to introduce how underwater acoustic applications provide invaluable insights into marine geology. This includes understanding the impact of internal waves on sediment properties estimation and the acoustic focusing effect in shelf break and canyon environments. Acoustic techniques play a crucial role in mapping geological features such as submarine volcanoes and processes occurring beneath the ocean floor. Additionally, underwater acoustic systems detect bubbles and study fluid circulation, thus facilitating investigations of gas seeps and submarine hydrothermal vents. Moreover, a seabed classification method using sub-bottom profiling data has been developed through waveform identification, making it adaptable to diverse acoustic datasets, including water mass data. The presentation concludes by addressing future directions and challenges, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to propel the field forward. This overview underscores the pivotal role of underwater acoustics in marine geology, advancing our understanding of geological processes and enhancing oceanic exploration endeavors.